Sunday, July 20, 2008

Making the front page of Etsy!

I'm really modest about my designs and what I do... although I am overly confident in all the other aspects of my life... aka Cocky! Okay, seriously though I am really modest.

I was once chatting on the forum on Etsy and a buyer said, "This is really exciting... I am a HUGE fan of yours!"

Who are you a fan of? Huh? Wait, me? Seriously? WOW. *faints*

The whole idea of having fans of my work is really flattering. Extremely flattering. Almost something that I didn't even think was possible. Again, modest I suppose. So when I make a treasury that is made by someone I don't know, or who isn't on my Etsy Team then it stuns me. I end up taking a screenshot of it and store it away. That might seem silly. I would love to know if anyone else does the same!!

So I have now made the frontpage of Etsy twice! TWICE! They were about a month apart. In one day I was on 3 treasuries, had a showcase and made the front page. It was the great day I needed and a huge motivation for me. The same cherry ruffle onesie by the same awesome seller. Here is a picture of my hour of fame on Etsy...

The seller is Spongetta:

I see her all over the forums being supportive and giving sage advice. She has great bags and a great book cover for trashy novels and I have many friends that can use those!

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