Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Much Is Negativity Costing You?

A Positive Business is a Productive Business

There is no room for negativity in the workplace. At all. None. So stop it like yesterday. Negative energy will only weigh you, the company, your employees and eventually your clients down. If you want to have a productive and successful business you have to start with your own energy and how to control it.

Let’s say your competitor is ahead of the game. They make more sales. They get more exposure. They get better reviews. You have a few options from this point forward.

A) Throw a fit. Be negative. Make claims on how they don’t deserve it. Bash them in hoping others will turn on them. Make yourself feel better short term by expending this negative energy that will eventually sink like a ton of bricks on your shoulders.

B) Do nothing.

C) DO something about it! Change it! Use it to motivate you! Figure out what the other guy is doing that you are not. Why aren’t you?! Don’t steal ideas! No, I don’t condone that. However, I do encourage changing your business practices and how your customers perceive you. You don’t always have to undercut the other guy and get your prices lower to make the sale. Sometimes you just have to improve yourself to make you worth your asking price. Notice I said you, not just your products, YOU are an integral part of your business and your customer knows this.

How does one do this? Simple and not simple. You have to start somewhere so I suggest starting with looking at yourself. Critique yourself. Ask others. Find REAL constructive criticism and take it well. Take it happily. Reach out to your previous clients and ask for input. Don’t be spammy. Offer something in return for their valuable time. Free shipping! 10% off for filling out a survey. Did someone tell you that you have poor customer service? GOOD! Now what can you do to make it right? What can you change to prevent that from ever happening again.

Also, stop blaming the other guy. Stop with the negativity. How is that productive? Spending an hour being angry over something you feel has an impact on your business will do absolutely nothing to move you forward. It will simply hold you back. Stop choosing to let YOU be your worst enemy!! Sure, get upset but then push yourself forward. Do something positive about it. Anything positive! Just get off of your butt and do something positive to progress your business otherwise you are going to sink yourself.

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tattytiara said...

Truth. I found that just starting the day by saying, very simply, to myself "today is a great day" has been a huge difference maker! Likewise just countering every negative/unhelpful thought with it's opposite (I'm tired with I'm full of energy) really does turn things right around.